Leaving Laos

We departed the serentity of Laotian countryside for the hustle and bustle of Bangkok today and although the trip was more successful than anticipated we feel sad to leave this amazing place so soon. We have alot of work to do to raise funds for the playground system and organize its delivery to the school but we can’t wait to return to this wonderful country with such welcoming, friendly people.

The New Computer Arrives

The new computer was picked up by Rachel’s husband in Vientiane today and was delivered to the school where they held a small presentation with the school administration and a representative of the Governmental educational department.

We were humbled by the gesture as the school presented us with a plague noting the donation. When we eventually got the computer up and running, the staff were curious to see all the functions available that would help make the job of administrating the school much easier. The pupils however seemed more concerned with the new skipping ropes and footballs. Maybe when we next return with the playground system to help power the school they will be more enthusiastic!

Presenting the Project

Today, with Rachel’s help, we presented our ideas to the principal about helping the school to get the various sustainable technologies for their water,energy and sanitation requirements. We explained the benefits of each one and the effect it will have on the schools water and energy costs once installed. This idea was greeted with great enthusiasm however they expressed their concerns about the schools lack of computer, rising printing costs and the reliance on the archaic typewriter they had in the office.

We therefore agreed to make a donation to the school in the form of a brand new Acer desktop computer and printer with an accompanying monetary donation to pay for the ink, paper, electricity and also lessons for the school.

Meeting Rachel in Vang Vieng

We managed to get a lift from Vientiane to Vang Vieng today. On the way we noticed alot of deforestation and burning going on, the scenery was incredible despite this. Vang Vieng has developed an awful lot since I was last here. Here is where we met with Rachel Dechaineux from The Elephant Crossing Hotel. Rachel is an Australian ex-pat living in Laos for the last 17 years. She has a family in Vang Vieng and agreed to introduce us to the school administrators and act as a translator for us.

To check out her hotel go to: www.theelephantcrossinghotel.com

Arrived in Laos!

Arrived in Vientiane today. After we landed in Bangkok we took the 10 hour train journey north to Non Khai before crossing the border into the capital. With the donation given by my Grandmother, I managed to buy as much footballs, skipping ropes and school stationary as possible.

First Donation – Charity Beck: Positive Impact Magazine

On the last tour of a busy day at Ziptrek we were asked to accept another 2 guests onto our full tour. The extra guests turned out to be Charity Beck and her son from Florida, USA. Charity runs a magazine called “Positive Impact” which delivers news stories about people and organizations making positive social and environmental impacts.

When we explained about the upcoming project in Laos, Charity was very enthusiastic and made a $50 donation. This donation allowed us to buy our first batch of trees. Hopefully we will be hearing from Charity sometime again in the future.

To check out Positive Impact magazine go to: www.positiveimpactmagazine.com